Start Smart Srl is a company born in Lecce in 2014 with the aim of spreading high-tech innovation and technology in the field of new digital technologies. Stimulated by a rapidly evolving market and increasingly innovative industrial processes, Start Smart collects a team of engineers, technicians and professionals in the industrial, computer, artisan and art industries that can respond with quality and expertise to any customer’s design needs Accompanying it to the realization of the product. By moving the first steps in craftsmanship, today Start Smart has collaborations with several Italian and international companies that have found quality, professionalism and innovative solutions.


We believe that an obstacle is not a brake on our imagination but an opportunity for growth. Every problem is a challenge that can only be won through the technology and know-how of people. Whatever the idea, Start Smart accompanies its customer, assisting it throughout the creation and implementation of its own project, providing customized, innovative tools, technologies and solutions.

You bring the idea, the rest we think.


We make the impossible

By providing innovative and modern digital tools, professional engineering skills and custom solutions, Start Smart enables its customers to shape their projects

Solve any problem with innovative solutions

  • Professionalism, to provide our customers with a quality product
  • Reliability / Honesty / Discretion, to jealously guard your ideas.
  • Innovation, to serve the most modern and developed technologies
  • Creativity, to think different and find the right solution for every need
    Passion, to accept any design challenge required.